Technology Intelligence Methodology

Assessment and Definition of Technical Concepts

The Technology Intelligence service is part of RINA Consulting’s structured methodology for the identification of patterns of development (technology development rate) and competitors’ analysis (level of activity and capability to achieve results). It contributes to the definition of the technical concepts and technological maturity assessment through Desktop Search, Analysis of previous FP7 and H2020 projects (from 2012 onwards) and with a massive Patents Analysis. The methodological backbone of this service is based on the System Evolution Theory formulated by G. Altshuller, a Russian engineer, scientist and patent expert. Altshuller formulated an extensive theory about the creative content of innovations and the possibility to solve technical conflicts inventively, based on the analysis of more than one million patent documents. According to this theory all technologies, starting from the original initial invention, evolve through a multitude of additional developments and improvements, passing through an infancy phase, a maturity period and reaching at the end obsolescence, as shown in the picture below. This means that the development pattern of a specific technology can be predicted by systemic analysis of relevant information (such as the application rate of new patents).

Figure: Curve of technology evolution

The most interesting technologies for an innovative product conception are those in the infancy stage, enabling the development of a radically new concept. On the contrary, a more mature technology with limited numbers of new applications in a specific industrial sector should be preferred when the aim is to reduce time to market and risks connected to innovation.

To create a “State-of-Play Analysis on PM Models, Techniques & Platforms” – UPTIME Deliverable 1.1 a,b – the analysis has been performed by mining different information sources and databases (eg.: patents database) in order to identify most relevant documents and material focused on:

  • KPIs;
  • Scientific publication;
  • Platforms;
  • Patents

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