Objectives of Deliverable 1.1

This task will set the basis of the UPTIME project by analysing, on the basis of a structured methodology, a several number of solutions to perform Predictive Maintenance (PM), ranging from reactive maintenance to proactive maintenance, as well as currently available on both commercial and research level platforms implementing PM functionalities. In particular this deliverable […]

Predictive Maintenance – KPIs Analysis

The state of play presented in the following paragraphs identify the following key performance indicator (KPI) as relevant criteria for the evaluation of the existing Predictive Maintenance Platform. The same KPIs are taken into account also in the requirements and validation phases of the UPTIME maintenance platform becoming input for the WP2 activities.

Technology Intelligence Methodology

Assessment and Definition of Technical Concepts The Technology Intelligence service is part of RINA Consulting’s structured methodology for the identification of patterns of development (technology development rate) and competitors’ analysis (level of activity and capability to achieve results). It contributes to the definition of the technical concepts and technological maturity assessment through Desktop Search, Analysis […]

RINA – Materials, Technology & Innovation

Materials, technologies and sustainability play a fundamental role in increasing the competitiveness of companies. Our mission is to guide you through the entire innovation process and help you get the most out of these important drivers. We are present in all industrial sectors, with particular attention to the manufacturing, instrumental, steel, aerospace and defense sectors. […]